Cake World Germany have competitions in different catagories.

The competitions will be jugded by international reconized jury.

You may enter more than one category, and you can only participate with max 2 exhibits in each category.

Each exhibit is 20€.

When arriving with your contribution, you will receive an entrance ticket for all 3 days of Cake World, and receive a gift certificate to Cake World of 10€ for each exhibit delivered.

Your contribution to the competition has to be set up on the table in the competition area Friday at 09.00 the latest and may not be removed until Sunday at 17.00.

Exhibits can be delivered from Thursday between 16.00 – 18.00 and Friday 07.30 – 09.00.

Results will be made available Sunday morning.

The Jury questioning is Sunday from 13.00-14.30, where competitors can get feedback from the Jury about their own exhibits.

The prize-giving is Sunday at 16.00.


General Rules – Please read carefully!
(We advise to print this and read frequently!)

We have made a list of all the known FAQ's for you.
Should you still have any queries in advance of the competition, please contact the organisers.

To maintain anonymity before the judging of the exhibits, it is important that no photos or descriptions of exhibits (or parts thereof) are shown on the Internet in any Social Media (Facebook Twitter etc), blogs or websites etc. The judges have Internet too!

Exhibits must be the own, unaided work of the competitor, including any child entering the children's categories.

Exhibits shown in previous competitions are not allowed.

Each entry to the competition will be judged anonymously entirely on its own merit, independently by two judges, using a points system.

The Cakeboard is part of the overall presentation and should be taken into account when designing the exhibit.

Ribbons are only allowed on the narrow edges of the cakeboard, unless otherwise stated in the Category description.

Wrapping internal supports with Aluminium Foil or clingfilm is not allowed.

Wires (including food-safe wires) must never be inserted directly through the covering into a cake! Please use special flower-holders (Posy Picks) or plastic drinking straws, which must show 1-2mm above the surface of the cake covering and be clearly visible for the judges.
Please read the rules regarding internal supports in the individual Category descriptions very carefully. See below!

Glitter and sparkles must be edible. The description 'Non Toxic' does not mean edible! Please bring the original container to show as proof when delivering your exhibit.

Hot Glue and other non-edible glues are not allowed.

In Wedding cakes, two or more tiered cakes – Cake tiers (including dummies), which are stacked above smaller cakes, or stand on pillars or other separators, must be placed onto a cakeboard or cakecard, as they would be when using real cake.

Judges Feedback Time is on the last day of the show.The exact time will be announced on the organiser's website. Competitors can speak with the judges about their own work, get explanations about the assesments, constructive criticism and expert advice and tips for future competitions.

Should there be any justifiable grounds for complaint regarding competition exhibits, marking or the judges during the show, these must immediately be made directly and only to the Head of Judges.

Non-compliance of the Category Descriptions and the General Rules can lead to points being deducted, and in the worst case, to disqualification. The decision of the Head of Judges is final.

Edible Supports
: Cookie/Biscuit Sticks (e.g. Mikado) ; noodles (spaghetti, maccaroni) ; pastillage sugar sticks, chocolate sticks.
Food-safe supports: Supports made of untreated wood (chopsticks, kebab sticks,toothpicks) ; Stainless steel ; Plastic e.g. Lolly sticks, drinking straws, dowels ; turned screw rods made of stainless steel - no galvanised rods; specialised systems, such as ''Cake Frame''.
Wires: Stainless steel and aluminium wires. Please note, these are allowed in the Category ''Decorative Showpiece'' only, and may be used only as internal supports.
Florist Wires: may be used for floral work only. They must never be inserted directly into a cake/dummy.

Not allowed: Aluminium Foil, Clingfilm etc. Water pipes and connection parts normally used in sanitary installations.


What is a  “Celebration Cake , what is a  “Novelty Cake” ?

"Celebration Cakes"  are made for special occasions, e.g. special ''round'' birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries (but not weddings), Holy Communion, Engagements, Exams passed etc. The style of the decorations is usually more classic, fomal and elegant, with for example bows, ruffles,drapes, piped Royal Icing decorations, brush embroidery etc and the occasion ist often indicated with text on the cake. Modelling is not excluded, but should be appropriate in style. Celebration cakes are made in the usual forms i.e. Round, square, hexagonal, tear-drop etc. and not sculpted.

Motiv-Torten - "Novelty Cake"  are more humourous and playful, decorated with an innovative and original design. They show a clearly recognizable motive or theme. They can ''tell a story''. Hobbies, birthdays, character traits, fairy-tales, music, sport etc can be shown with modellings. Novelty cakes can also be made for special occasions such as birthdays, christenings etc and may be sculpted, but must comply with the category description!


Dear Competitor,

Please read the following tips, which should help you in completing your competition entry according to the rules.

  1. Read the category descriptions and the organizer's competition rules carefully, before you start planning your competition entry. Pay attention to all the stipulations such as measurements and any particular details in the category you choose etc. If you have any queries about the competition, please contact the show organizer.
  2. Pay attention to the cleanliness of your work: there should be no traces of dust, icing sugar or cornstarch, no water or grease marks visible. There should not be any  traces of sugar glue or excess of Royal Icing, used to glue pieces in place, visible.
  3. Try to produce your best work. Correct and application of the materials used is important, e.g. smooth surfaces, no air pockets, creases, tears, fingerprints, needle marks or scratches. Accurate finishing, no rough or uneven edges. Joins should fit together perfectly. Smooth and even pressure should be applied to any piped work, with no air bubbles in the icing and no lift-off marks visible.
  4. Make sure your coverings are of even thickness, i.e. fondant evenly rolled out, Royal Icing evenly applied. Repetetive applied or piped decorations should be evenly spaced.
  5. Coloured mediums – the colour should be well and evenly dispersed, with no spots or smears visible, except where this is intentional e.g. when a marbled effect is wanted. Powdered colours should be evenly applied, with no unwanted pigment spots or smears visible on surrounding  areas or decorations.  
  6. Flowers, foliage and also modelled figures should, in general, be as natural-looking as possible, except where according to the category description allowed, where a fantasy, or caricature or comic effect is obvously intentional.
  7. The general impression should be harmonic, decorations should be in proportion to eachother, e.g. are the size-ratios correct from:
    • Cakeboard/Cake/Decoration?
    • Flowers/foliage and where applicable the complete arrangement, compared to the size of  the cake?
    • Modelled figures and their limbs in proportion, and in comparison to the size of other decorations?
  8. Creativity, originality and design: Get creative! Design something original! Reproductions or copies of designs, or exhibits which have already been shown in previous competitions  earn less points or can even be disqualified.
  9. If non-edible materials (such as Fimo, Cold Porcelain, wires etc ,where allowed) are used, care must be taken that they do not come into direkt contact with the cake or cake-covering. This applies equaly to cake dummies. Ribbons may be used to neaten the edges of cakeboards in all categories.
  10.  The jury and organizers may exclude any exhibit from the competition, which does not comply with the competition rules, category description or if the competitor is not eligble to compete.
  11. The jury may cut, probe, taste or dismantle any exhibit, in order to make sure it coplies with the category description.
  12. The decisions of the Head of Judges are final. Please use the Judges Feedback Time, if you have any questions about your exhibit.                                                                 

No correspondence will be entered into regarding exhibits or marks awarded.

We wish you all success and an enjoyable competition!

Your Cake World Germany Juryteam

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