Exhibitors - Cake World Germany - Hamburg

The first exhibitors are already ready and they are from different countries.

Exhibitor Country Website
ALB-Torten Germany http://www.alb-torten.de
Cake Company Germany http://www.cake-company.de
Cake Pop Hamburg Germany http://www.cake-pop-hamburg.de
Cocoró Italy http://www.cocoro.it
Ellens Creative Cakes Holland http://www.ellenscreativecakes.nl
FMM England http://www.fmmsugarcraft.com
Glücksmoleküle Germany http://www.gluecksmolekuele.de
I Love Aprons Spain  
KDTorten Germany http://kdtorten.de
Le Nougat De Savoie Hungary http://www.lenougatdesavoie.com
Pavoni Italy http://www.pavonidea.it
Rainbow Dust England http://rainbowdust.co.uk
Renshaw England http://www.renshawbaking.com
Sally's Tortenwelt Germany http://sallystortenwelt.de
Sugar Prunk Germany https://www.facebook.com/SugarPrunk
Sweet Choice Holland http://www.sweetchoice.eu
Tasty Me Holland http://www.tastyme.nl
Tescoma Germany http://www.tescoma.de
Torten-Boutique Germany http://www.torten-boutique.de
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